Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Anusara Immersion Day 5

Today is the last day of training here in Edmonton. This week has given me lots to think about and has armed me with new tools to take my practice and my teaching to the next level. Over the last 3 days we've learned about Muscular Energy, Organic Energy, Shoulder Loops, Tantra Philosophy and more.

Anusara yoga principles are so expansive and full that they infuse the practice with new energy and new depth. In some ways I feel that Anusara is very similar to what I've always practiced, but the well-planned system created by John Friend provides the words and the detail to experience and teach yoga in an exciting and fresh way.

I know that much of what I've learned will begin to integrate into my teaching when I return to the studio, and I can't wait to share these seeds of knowledge! However, I also realise that I am just at the shore of the vast ocean of expertise that exists within this system of teachings (and teachers).

Today we'll get our "homework" in preparation for Part 2 of the Immersion (happening in July). For me that will include practicing handstand and getting more comfortable with the new-to-me anatomical ideas and alignment principles of Anusara. Yesterday I had a revelation in Urdhva Danurasana (!) and can't wait to continue exploring backbends with the Melt Your Heart principle of Anusara - super strong and expansive.

I'll be in the air tomorrow afternoon and teaching at the studio on Friday. I can't wait to get back - a week feels like a long time to be separate from our little studio community - see you all this weekend!


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