Saturday, March 20, 2010

Anusara Immersion Day 1 - Open to Grace

Ahhhhh. What a day. My first day of Anusara Immersion. My first day of study along this new path.

Today was all about getting to know each other and getting to know what Anusara is all about. Anusara yoga is "the process of learning how to dance in the bigger current of our lives, which we ultimately do not control". It is aligning with the divine in order to peacefully surf the waves of the reality we live in. Big stuff, huh? But that's yoga - it's big!

The first principle of Anusara yoga is setting the foundation and opening to grace. Much of our asana practice today was dedicated to exploring this principle. Setting the foundation is just what it sounds like. Setting the foundation of the pose, whether that's in the hands, the feet or the sit bones.

Opening to grace is the "bigger picture" component of this principle. Grace is the revealing power of consciousness. It is the power that reveals a more expansive vision to us. When we open to grace we open to the opportunity to receive this truth. And of course, as is the case in many yoga philosophy teachings, this openness can occur physically as well as in deeper, more spiritual ways.

I had a few Aha moments during this first session and there are lots of idea floating around in my brain to ponder. I can tell immediately that this immersion is going to be a revelation of greater truth in itself.

Off to do my homework! More tomorrow...


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