Friday, March 19, 2010

5 Days in Edmonton

It's 10am in St. John's - but I'm on Ottawa time for just a moment as I stop over on my way to Edmonton. The "airport excitement" has kicked in - I just love the feeling of being in transit. Not quite sure of what comes next but so positive that it will be great.

For the next week I'll be exploring the teachings of John Friend, founder of Anusara yoga. Barrie Risman, certified Anusara yoga teacher, will be guiding me (and a whole group of yoga students) through the Anusara Immersion - Part 1

In the last few months I've been exploring Anusara more deeply in preparation for this course. There was something about the style that attracted me from the moment I'd heard of it. But being nowhere near an Anusara teacher, and having had no opportunity to take classes live, I couldn't really pinpoint what that was. But now, taking classes online and getting a sense for what it's all about, I'm finding that there are a lot of parallels between this particular style and the things that attracted me to yoga in the first place. For one, the idea that we're all intrinsically good beings (that's part of the tantric philosophy on which Anusara is based - looking forward to learning lots more about it this week). Also, surprisingly, many of the key asanas in Anusara teaching are asanas that I have a) always loved, loved, loved or b) have grown to love as I realized over time the things they offered which my body/mind/spirit really needed.

Ohhh - boarding call! Gotta run. But I'll be blogging throughout the week about my first Anusara learning experiences...stay tuned :)


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