Thursday, December 3, 2009

Random Gifts of Kindness

With the holidays approaching we don't have to look far to see shoppers rushing about, looking for Christmas gifts for their loved ones. While this tradition is exciting and fun for us all, it's also nice to step back from frenzied shopping and think of gifts that cost little or nothing. Bobby wrote a lovely article in this month's newsletter called Random Gifts of Kindness in which she offers a great list of free or inexpensive gifts we can offer to those around us. I'm reprinting that list here and inviting all of you to add your own ideas in the comments section below.

1. Write a letter of thanks to someone who has touched your life.
2. Give someone an IOU for baby sitting or some other helpful action that you can provide.
3. Put money in an almost empty meter.
4. Pay for the items of the person behind you in a drive through.
5. Save that parking space next to the mall entrance for someone else.
6. Scrape the ice off the car next to yours or shovel someones driveway.
7. Choose not to pass on any gossip you hear for the rest of the week... the season?
8. Forgive someone.
9. Make a casserole for someone who has a new baby or lives alone.
10. Donate clothes and toys.
11. Pick up some litter.

Namaste and happy gift giving!

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