Thursday, December 3, 2009

How Often Should I Practice?

Most people who practice yoga hope to find something special within their practice. And so they should! Yoga, in all it's many manifestations, can be absolutely life-changing. Whether you are seeking a form of physical therapy to aid in injury recovery or are looking for a more meaningful, spiritual life, yoga can lead you there. However, a key question that we all consider at one time or another is "how often should I practice?".

The easy answer is about three times per week. Three yoga classes each week is enough to feel the physical and mental benefits of the practice. It's also enough to incorporate yoga into your weekly routine, making it a part of your life.

The more complicated answer is: you should practice yoga every single day. Yoga is very different from an exercise regime - yoga is actually a lifestyle. It's a comprehensive system designed over thousands of years to cultivate peace and wellness - not just during your 75 minute yoga class, but in every moment of your life. We can be mindful in performing all actions, breathe deeply throughout the day, feel gratitude for the life we have and take care of our bodies and minds. This is the practice of yoga.

So if you find yourself wondering if you are practicing yoga with enough regularity, broaden your scope of thought to not only include the yoga asana classes you attend, but the way you carry yourself through life. Are you aware of your body and breath? Do you practice compassion and mindfulness? Is your physical yoga practice trickling into your everyday life to make you a more calm, loving person? You may not notice these things happening right away, but yoga will eventually steep into your being and manifest itself in a multitude of ways.

Om shanti,

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