Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Studio Tour

This will be old news for our regular yogis, but for those of you who have heard of us by email, phone, Facebook, Blogger, etc., etc., (yeah, so, we talk about the studio a lot!) but have never been to visit, here's a little studio tour.

This space was created by our wonderful design and reno team made up of friends and family. It was built by our parents, partners, siblings and friends. We take no credit!
p.s. Photos by the amazingly talented carter.fitzgerald photography

p.p.s Special thanks to the guys at HOME on Water St. for rescuing us in a moment (or two) of studio design despair!

The Prop Corner - outfitted with Halfmoon yoga props. We love this Vancouver company, they keep our bums supported in Sukasana and our bodies warm in Savasana.

Ahhh, the floor, the enviro-friendly paint, the pretty French doors. Ommmmm.

Bright light and a hand-built wooden bench for your pre-class, magazine-reading pleasure.

The change room and an up-close look at our selection of yoga mats.

One long studio shot. This is where all the yoga action happens.

One thing missing in this tour is a shot of the bathroom. Sounds unnecessary, right? Maybe not - I've heard that the Studio has received at least one nomination for Best Bathroom in the Scope's annual Best of St. John's contest. Not too shabby! Maybe we'll get an honorable mention! :)

Thanks for taking the tour! Looking forward to the time when we can show you around in person.

Om shanti


  1. Hi Meaghan,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog :) Your studio looks BEAUTIFUL (yay for eco-paint! hehe). I will most certainly visit when I finally get that trip to St John's underway :)

    I didn't publish your comment, as I promised I wouldn't for those who put their emails- please just let me know if you'd like me to (you have some fantastic posts here, i'm sure my readers would love to check out your blog!). Just email me back if you'd like me to post it, i've saved it :)

  2. And thanks for visiting mine! Looking forward to reading more of your fabulous eco ideas :)

    Just emailed - yes, you can definitely post my comment.

    Let us know when you're in St. John's!